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Log Cabin Holidays – Explore, Relax and Enjoy

discover the stunning log cabin holidaysThis year has been the year when people have been looking at alternative holidays more than ever before and some of the relatively unknown holidays have come to the forefront and are looking like they may become firm favourites.

The log cabin holidays are one of these self catering options that have taken off like a storm and are now considered to be the premier holiday choice for many. You will find log cabins in many areas across the UK from the popular regions such as the Lake District, Devon and Cornwall to off the beaten track cabins deep in the heart of rural England such as Staffordshire, Herefordshire and Northumberland.

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Taking a holiday in the UK for many years was looked down upon, people looking to get their annual fix of summer sunshine for a week or two weeks and there are merits behind this still. However, in recent months the tide has changed and there has been a massive shift towards people looking closer to home for their holidays.

There are many reasons behind this and we won’t go into too much detail but suffice to say the credit crunch, expensive euro and the long journeys to foreign areas has put a lot of people off. If you have never been away on holiday in the UK then it maybe is the case you are not aware of all the options that now exist for you when you go on holiday and over the years the choices have grown and so have the operators that provide the holidays.

enjoy relaxing holiday getawaysThere is now more choice than ever before and the log cabin holidays are one choice that is relatively new to the market, especially in a mass commercial market sense. The clever marketing of these holidays has opened up a whole new niche sector that appeals to the discerning client that may once have opted to take their summer break abroad, and of course they may still do so in the future.

The lure of the superb looking accommodation which is modern, contemporary, clean and well equipped along with the countless locations throughout the UK has virtually guaranteed that there will be a log cabin park in any area that is searched upon.

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enjoy facilities including indoor swimming poolsOne of the main draws for the log cabin holidasy are sold on the fact that people are looking to be more active while they are away. The use of bikes is on the increase and people enjoy exploring the area where they are staying and the log cabins are the ideal base for the holidaymaker to use as they get out and explore. But not only this there is a whole range of facilities on many sites that the guests can use and they are all included within the price of the holiday, whether you enjoy making use of indoor swimming pools or need plenty of leisure facilities and health and beauty the log cabin holidays has it all.

The combination of the accommodation, location and facilities has brought in a new customer and a whole new sector that used to take their holidays abroad, the challenge that faces the operators and providers is can they deliver on the customer experience enough to draw the holidaymaker back and will the lure of better weather abroad mean this could be a one off year. Of course the only way to tell this will be to wait for next year but in the meantime it is worth taking a look at the log cabin holidays and seeing for yourself why they have become so popular.

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