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Strontian Lodges is lucky enough to be home to many wild birds, Roe deer , a cheeky pine martin or two and most special of all a rare wild cat has been with us this past year and has been sited by many guests. Leave out some bread and Jam and you never know which neighbour will pop by.

Sunart is one of the few areas in Scotland that retain their ancient coastal oakwoods coilltean daraich.Thousands of years ago the Atlantic coasts of Europe were fringed with oakwoods and they stretched as far south as Spain. The Sunart woodlands are among the last remnants of these temperate rain forests. The steep lochside has been wooded since the glaciers melted back around 12,000 years ago. They have played an important part in the natural and human history of the area since then, surviving because local people daoine duchail managed and nurtured the woods.

The oakwoods of Sunart have been fenced to prevent encroachment by deer and have been coppiced for generations, thus promoting the growth of mature deciduous woodland. The exceptionally clean and humid air has allowed a profusion of mosses, liverworts and lichens to thrive. The presence of these rare and sensitive growths is testimony to the pollution free environment.

Loch Sunart provides an ideal habitat for otters. The extensive rocky shoreline cladach, isolated islands and coastal woodlands enable them to forage, rest and breed. They search the shallow waters of the shoreline, hunting sealg down their prey of fish, crabs and other animals which shelter within the protective fronds of the seaweed feamainn. The kelp beds are a good place to watch if you want to spot an otter.

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